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Melting Season front cover

Mysterious, misfortunate, yet strangely familiar, the characters in The Melting Season find themselves unexpectedly lost: in a blizzard,  in a battle of rival restaurants, in the seat behind that cute girl in English class.

What they discover—a disintegrating marriage, a superhero’s cape, the possibility of reincarnation—may lead them to a greater understanding of themselves, or into deeper shadows.

“Big, bold and shape-shifting… the work of a great talent and an enormous heart.”

—Madeleine Thien, author of Dogs at the Perimeter

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Publication date: March 1st.

Dawn spread cover final

Pre-orders are open for Postcards from the Dead Letter Office.

Dawn Manning’s debut poetry collection, brilliantly mixing Japanese and American forms, takes the reader on a journey around the world, delivered in snapshots of places and cultures. The book goes on sale Feb 28th.

“Manning’s images are surprising and fresh, visiting all seasons, all new lives, and as many of the dead as possible. Each place these poems visit is enriched by detail and defined by absence, by ‘all we leave unsaid, all we can’t unsay’…”

— Traci Brimhall

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Publication date: February 28th.

Siren Song, by Tawni Waters

In these enraptured, playful, furious poems, the world of myth enters real life. An unhappy housewife is transformed by a wandering guitarist into Mary Magdalene; suburban Arizona serves as a battleground between Isis, Osiris, and Set; Persephone begs the sleeping Hades to abandon his sterile divinity and join her in the daylight, “hungry / humble / naked.”

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A House Made of Stars by Tawnysha Greene:

She’s only ten years old, but she knows something is wrong with her father. Her mother says he just needs time to rest, to clear his mind. They must never question him.

They must never call the police.

“Tawnysha Greene’s A House Made of Stars is hard to put down or to forget. The novelist remains so close to the immediate experience of the narrator–a perceptive and endangered child–that the reader sees the world through her in every sense of the word, and is terrified… A gripping, gorgeous read.”

– Moira Crone, author of The Ice Garden and The Not Yet

You can purchase directly from us, at our online store, or from Amazon. We would prefer you buy it from us, if possible!

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