Manuscript Consultations, Editing Services, and Freelance Writing

DanielFoodWritingWe all know that writing projects tend to get off track.  You lose steam, you can’t figure out your next plot move, or you have a stanza that refuses to become what you want it to become.  Or you have a finished project you can’t an agent or editor to fall in love with yet.  Or a project you’re struggling to get started.  We’re here to help.  We have a team of writers at our disposal who are all willing to work with you on a case by case basis.  Because we know each project is different, we price each project according to your needs, and who you choose to work with.  Don’t see what you’re looking for below?  Just email us, and we’ll help figure out something that’s right for you.

Copy Editing Package: This package is for those of you who have a relatively finished document and just need some help polishing it, catching typos, grammar and spelling mistakes, comma splices, and more.  No suggestions will be made as to content – this is a proof-reading package only, but may be purchased along with the plot package, or the Get My Manuscript Ready for an Agent Package to include stylistic advice.  Priced per hour, starting at $30/hr.

Prompt Package: Can’t seem to get started?  We’ll send you three writing prompts to help get the words flowing.  For an extra fee, we’ll read your first draft!  $15 for three prompts, $30 for three prompts with a reading of the first draft (up to 20 pages of prose and five poems) offering one written page of feedback offering suggestions for improvement.

Plot Package:  You don’t know what needs to happen next in your novel (or essay for that matter) and you need help.  Or you’ve been told by an agent or an editor that the stakes aren’t high enough.  Someone from our team will read your manuscript and help make suggestion to ramp up the tension, suspense, and excitement, or to help you figure out the best way to get your character from A to B.  $100 per 50 pages of Manuscript.

Get My Manuscript Ready for an Agent: This is for those of you who feel that you’re ready to start approaching an agent.  We’ll read your entire book length work and make suggestions for improving it.  Can include copy editing for an extra fee.  Can include assistance writing your query letter for an extra fee.  No guarantee of acceptance is made!  This is priced per length of work, starting at $200.  Query letters are priced according to the package below.

Help me Write an Agent Query Letter!  We’ll help you devise a query letter for your specific project.  This does not guarantee that the query letter will get you read, get you an agent, or get you added to the annals of history.  We will simply help you meet the guidelines for a query letter in your genre and for the specific agent you request.  Priced per Project, starting at $45/letter.

Help me Apply to an MFA Program:  You tell us what program/s you are applying to, and we’ll help you hone your application manuscript, and application/intent letter.  Priced per Manuscript/Letter, depending on length.  This package starts at approximately $50/manuscript, and $20 per application letter.  No guarantee of acceptance is made – obviously!  We’re here to help you hone and polish, though, and submit the best application you can!

Submission Party Package: We’ll provide you, or a group of up to 5 participants, with a spreadsheet template, and suggest a minimum of 50 varied literary magazines each individual might submit to.  You submit to at least 50 magazines, and keep track of your records.  Any publications you get out of this we will post on our Facebook and twitter accounts.  We also suggest that each group devise a reward for any member/s who get publications out of this process.  $40 per template, but for an extra fee, we’ll assign you a coach to help you stay on track.

Scholarly Sample:  Applying to MA or PhD Programs in English?  We’ll help read over your scholarly sample and make suggestions for improvement.  We will also provide copy editing/proofreading suggestions.  This package is priced per hour, starting at $30/hour.

Name Your Own:  Don’t see exactly what you want?  Tell us what you need and we’ll work with you to develop a package that works for you!  Prices vary according to individual requirements.

Skype Session:  Add a Skype session with your advisor to any package above for an extra $20 per half hour, or just book a stand alone Skype session with one of our writers if you just want to discuss problems and hear some quick fix suggestions.

Freelance Writing:  Need an article, post, or other writing project done?  We can help!  Rates go from .25 cents per word to $2 depending on the project.  Query us below for details.

To book a package, or if you have any comments about the above, please email us at, or use the comment form below.

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