About Jeni (Stewart) Wallace

Jeni (Stewart) Wallace is a writer and travel afficionado serving as the Director of Burlesque Press, a literary enterprise that holds writing retreats and workshops in different locations around the world, such as Krakow, Poland and Edinburgh, Scotland.  Burlesque Press hosts the annual Hands On Literary Festival and Masquerade Ball in New Orleans.  She also serves as a freelance writer and event planner, and a literary publicity engineer.  To contact Jeni about a freelance project, or to propose a book title for publication, please use the contact form below and be sure to describe the project thoroughly.

Burlesque Press is dedicated to helping writers see the world, find their voice, and get their voices into print.

Jeni was also the winner of the Faulkner Wisdom prize for Novel in Progress for her novel Wanton Women, and her work has appeared in  Florida EnglishSentenceExquisite CorpseThe Cream City ReviewBig Bridge and more.  In 2012 she participated in Notre Dame of Maryland University’s 4 Under 40 Series for emerging women writers.

She lives in New Orleans, writes in coffee shops, and in her spare time, teaches people to bend funny ways.

She can be reached at burlesquepressllc@gmail.com or via the contact form below.

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