Poems by GM Palmer

Welcome to this series of poems by GM Palmer.  We have two pieces this week, and stay tuned next week for the next installment!  Happy National Poetry Month all!

Now is the Winter’s End

Six points of snow teach me
cashmere embraces skin
like robots gripping glass,
bright strength buried within
commands unknown to us,
bound knots that were never free.
This precious death is bright
in a child’s arms like tears,
skin-rent. Intend, begin
to see this sphere–it shares
our breath, a space to span
with ease if this is right:
there’s everything to find
in a timeless state of mind.

Wedding Spring

Go now, together, with lives tied,
newborn curates of the long road;
lover cleaved from lovers; laughing
ancient self-slaughter shaped to the shared
flame of a twisted, braided wick.

Kindle no anger overnight;
together sacrifice pride to love.
Into one house, account, accord,

one word pour all your work—make your
tongue speak now only of life: love.

And when the necessary trials

burn your life’s elliptic rings
upon your fingers, don’t fall into
yourselves but fall into each other;
alone now always means together.

Forget your fights from the final word;

forgotten years will rise before
faults will wear themselves away
and sooner will unsought conversion
come than love to adamant hearts.

To years—to springtimes, summers, autumns,

winters—to all those spinning seasons
ending where you have here begun:
love; to love’s perfect knowledge; to love
reborn each morning you are one.

Go, newborn lover, ancient flame:
kindle together into one tongue
and burn upon yourselves, alone;
forget forgotten faults; and come
to winter’s ending: love reborn.

G.M. Palmer preaches, teaches, and wrangles children on an urban farm in Northeast Florida.

His criticism and poetry can be found throughout various blogs and magazines, both in print and online. His children can be found throughout the neighborhood or at their grandmother’s house. His notes can be found on legal pads and spiral notebooks. His business cards can be found with neat little poems on the back of them.

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