Heat, Lava, Steam 2 by Valerie Harbolovic



Like a lotus unfurling,
Like a desert rain,
Color is restored to me.
But what colors!
Imbued with a vital energy
Like a Mexican mercado
Lurid pink, pulsing green, cobalt blue.

And such feelings!
Like the crack of an electric storm, Or the heave of the ocean swell.

With magenta bougainvillea in my hair,
I emerge from the shadows of the sculptured doorway And walk down the hallway of emerald columns,
Into the sun of the zócalo.

My hands flare at my side,
My right foot stamps, my head tilts back,
My left leg – rigid – from behind,
Drags forward in the dust, in a mighty sweep,
And I begin my solar hat dance.

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