So we did the love poems, now here are some reading ideas for the cynics out there 😉

In the Garden of Eva

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

I am at the San Miguel Writers Conference in Mexico, which, ironically, means I have little time to write.

Lucky for you, I had this love poem published on Burlesque Press, and I had time to write the following list:


ANTI-ROMANCE NOVELS(okay, they’re not all novels, but these are books that poo-poo traditional romance):

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – A wild-ride thriller about a psychotically dysfunctional marriage

The Painted Veil by W. Somerset Maugham – A classic:  adultery, revenge, and death by cholera

Wild by Cheryl Strayed– Girl gets a divorce from her loving husband and has one-night stands, while hiking the Pacific Coast Trail.

Invisible by Paul Auster – A twisted post-modern tale involving murder and creepy love affairs.

On the Road by Jack Keroac– The beat boys treat women like crap, then they go to a brothel in Mexico.

Bad Behavior

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