Jackie Kerosmack & Why Writes Should Do Burlesque by Eva Langston

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Maybe it’s all my recent work with Burlesque Press combined with the Twisted Knickers performance I saw a few weeks ago in DC, but lately I’ve been joking around about becoming a burlesque dancer and brainstorming possible names. (Bunny VonTassel, perhaps?)

Of course, the likelihood that I would actually become a burlesque dancer is slim. This is just like the times I entertained the notion of joining the roller derby, or the DC Ladies Arm Wrestling (DCLAW) league. (I also came up with some ideas for roller derby/arm wrestling names – Roxie Heartless and Zsa Zsa Gore.) And don’t even get me started on my fantasy of becoming a cool girl drummer for a punk band… I think that ship has sailed.

Anyway, I’ll probably never join the roller derby because I’m…

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