Day 6: The Process: Drawing Skulls & Enjoying the Day-by-Day

Our own Eva Langston on morbidity, maggots, and why thinking about these things can be soothing. No really. Plus, some really cool looking skulls.

In the Garden of Eva


“Guess what’s sad,” my boyfriend said to me on the phone last night. “In two weeks it’ll be June twenty-first, and then the days are going to start getting shorter.”

“Yeah,” I said, not really taking his sadness seriously. “But aren’t you excited? June twenty-first is the longest day of the year!”

“I hate the summer solstice. It’s the worst.”

I laughed. We then spent the next ten minutes discussing what this attitude says about his personality. After all, Paul loves the sunlight. Wouldn’t it make sense that his favorite day be the day when there is the most of what he loves?

But instead, June 21st signals to him the beginning of the end. It’s the day when he starts losing what he loves instead of gaining it. What Paul likes is the anticipation of a bright future. He enjoys the Spring, because every day is a little bit…

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