Day 9: Meditation, Creativity, & Snacks

On Monkey Mind and Writing from the one and only Eva Langston!

In the Garden of Eva

1. Meditate every day for at least 10 minutes
2. Read blogs and learn how to promote my own
3. When I’m about to say something negative, say something positive instead.

From what I understand, when you’re meditating and thoughts creep into your mind, you’re supposed to observe them without judgment, let them go, and continue to focus on your breathing. Sounds easy, right?

Wrong! Of course it’s not easy. First of all, as soon as I notice myself having thoughts, I judge myself for not focusing better on my breath. Then I scold myself for the thoughts themselves.

“Are you really thinking about packing snacks in the cooler again?” I asked myself the day before I left on my cross country trip. It was the fourth time my Type A brain had gone back to thoughts of “I have to remember to…

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