Pacing A Novel, by Lish McBride

Burlesque friend and YA author extraordinaire Lish McBride offers some good advice here on the Writing Teen Novels blog about pacing a novel. We thought you might enjoy it. We also thought you might want to check out the Writing Teen Novels blog, if you’re a YA writer or a fan of YA, there’s a lot of good stuff here!

Writing Teen Novels

Pacing is often the bane of my existence. My beginnings are never fast enough, my middles are squishy and my ends need to be slowed down. I’m three novels in and this has become a comforting pattern. The great thing about pacing is that it can be fixed. The bad thing about pacing is you have to fix it, which means editing, which always makes me incredibly whiny.

So now that I’ve proved to you that I have issues with pacing, thus invalidating anything I say after this, I’m now going to give you a quick and dirty run down on how your novel should be paced. Just because I can’t seem to follow the rules it doesn’t mean I don’t know what they are.

Beginnings are important, so your first page has to be shiny and wonderful. When I pick up a book in a bookstore, that first…

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