Sweet Tummy by Eva Langston

My boyfriend likes my tummy.
He kneads it
Like a mound of rising dough.
He blows raspberries,
Tickles honeyed skin,
While I try my best
To suck it all in.
I am his cinnamon sweet roll,
Oh, but little does he know,
I’m at the gym most every day,
Crunching his precious
Snack away.

I want to be beef jerky—
Thin and tough and hard.
And I wonder why
I don’t want to be
His soft-sweet candy girl.

Am I afraid
He will eat me
If I give him too much flesh?

It’s a silly mistake to make.
I realize that now.
I should let myself grow layers
Of pudding and vanilla cake.
Being thin won’t save me.
Everybody knows:
When all the meat is gone,
A dog will still crunch the bones.

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