Olive Juice by Polyxeni Angelis

maybe you were the boy who fumbled with her zipper
thought love was the way she finally said yes
maybe I was the girl who was too easy
thought love was the way his mouth closed around my nipple

what did you know of promises, except they were expected
like doing the right thing, the silence

years that swallowed you
what did I know of searching for a face that made sense
a symmetry of curves and lines
running to catch the next best thing that never was
years that wasted me

maybe you passed me once, carrying coffee
maybe I looked at your shirt and thought of rain
maybe you were the boy across the room with the damp eyes
your hands tight on your math book
said something to me that looked like olive juice, made me wet

maybe I turned away, just for a second
then said olive juice back
maybe that’s the way it went down


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