Relativity, milkyways, black holes and all other stuff by Stanley Noah

Gravitation rules all.  Emily Dickinson called it,     the flood suction.
Next door neighbor believes life and     objects are mostly down
to earth,     except the human mind.      He said,

"we just go about
mopping it up. I call it the theory of everything.  Stephen Hawking 
is still working on this symphony." So I asked him,     "what about 
quantum mechanics,          is that sort of like a loud cantata

like a car wreck     on a saturday night     beneath
                                                   falling stars?

Or is it like string theory all wrapped up in tissue paper     tied with 
a pink ribbon     or like rooms connected by sun light going through 
opened doors?"  Looking puzzled, he said,          "I don't know.
Ask your barber or the bartender or the cook.

                                            If anyone     should
know          it would be them."

I began peeling away zones ofthe inner mind     like one big history 
lesson. Searching about the hidden places.           Turning all 
skeleton keys.     Making darkness turn the other way.

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