The Story of My Writing Career in 3-Act Plot Structure

In the Garden of Eva

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Sometimes it really pisses me off that I got my MFA in Fiction Writing so I could learn to write better novels, but all my MFA taught me was how to write literary short stories. In my classes we rarely mentioned one of the most important aspects of a novel, or of any story, really: the plot. And as I now struggle to write and revise novels, I realize that lessons on plot is what I sorely need.

It seems to be the thing a lot of “literary” writers need help with. At the recent AWP conference, panels on plot and structuring the novel were packed, but even the panelists seemed baffled by the topic. “With my first novel, the structure just sort of emerged by accident,” one writer said. “Now I’m two-hundred and fifty pages into my second novel, and…

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