AWP 2014: Losing Sleep Over Social Media

I really admire the way Stephanie Bane sets the record straight here on what social media can actually do for you and why you should (or should not) consider using it as an author. Special thanks to Stephanie and the always fabulous Brevity Magazine for posting it. I would hate for this to have been lost in the megalith that was AWP 14!

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

cross-platform-marketingStephanie Bane sets the record straight on platform building:

“With great opportunity comes great responsibility.”  Jon Fine, director of author and publisher relations at Amazon, invoked two great teachers – Jesus, and Peter Parker’s uncle –  when he exhorted us to develop our own social media platform to better market our books.

The panel, titled “How to Do It Now: New Trends in Literary Publishing,” slid sideways, from what I assumed would be the topic of new digital publishing platforms, to the topic of digital marketing.   This is a topic I know something about.  I support my writing habit – my graduate degree and this trip to Seattle – through my work at an advertising agency, where roughly 70% of our revenue comes from digital marketing. We build social media platforms for national brands, so I have a clear understanding of how much time, strategic thinking, and revenue, goes…

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