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VintageGirlMidnightGreetings Burlesque Press friends! We hope all is well as we enter spring (slowly, but hopefully – it WILL get warm right? RIGHT?)  We just wanted to take a minute to make sure you are receiving our newsletter –  if not sign up today!  It just takes a second (you fill out the form, and then get a snazzy confirmation email requiring only one more click). We’ve recently revamped it to include more publishing and literary news, as well as calls for work, and more.  It only comes at you once a month, too, so no spamming.  We’d love to have you in our ranks!

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And for your literary enjoyment today, check out this Vine from last week’s Tennessee Williams Fest in New Orleans.  Its Burlesque Press friend Bill Loehfelm, one of our favorite crime fiction authors, delivering Elmore Leonard’s writing tip at the Elmore Leonard tribute.  We think you’ll enjoy 😉

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