Bestial Oblivion by John Gery

Counting the days till you arrive

wwin white and black, or cream,

to sweep me up like dust, I dream

wwin lust, sometimes contrive


my waking hours to pass unkempt

wwlike wild flowers, or sing

the sun to set on everything

wwexcept what I exempt:


a you, a woman smooth and cool

wwto lie beside in wonder

or slide my burning body under,

wwhardening to a jewel.


If yearning grew from absence, then

wwbluntly, when most you were missed,

I’d boast my best at having kissed

wwyour lips, your breasts, your cunt,


but my desire’s color blindness

wwobliterates that past.

I need you here. I need you fast

wwagainst me. Now. I’m mindless.


About John Gery

“Bestial Oblivion” appears in John’s latest book of poetry, Have At You Now! from WordTech Communications, and was reviewed here on Burlesque Press last week by Daniel Wallace.  Have At You Now! is available for purchase here.