From Isis to Osiris: Song for the Resurrection of a Fallen God by Tawni Vee Waters

My phoenix, the dawn is breaking.

Sirius rises.

Rise too from the ashes.
Leave behind the embers of the crucible
and follow me
as I soar into the night sky
a glorious egg
scattering light
to the farthest reaches of the horizon.

leave behind the cinders
of our Calvary
and rise with me.
Do not mistake
the crucible for the fire.
Without me
it is a cold, dead thing.

Beloved, do not mistake
the crucible for me.
It burned because
I lived there long enough
to show you the way.
Grab the tail of the comet
that is me
and soar behind me
into the newborn sun.

Already, my radiant wings
span stars.

My king, do not mistake
the crucible for love.
It was in the dragon’s belly
that our mortality burned away,
leaving us the gods
we were born to be.

Osiris, follow me.
The night sky awaits your rising.
You cannot fight fate.
Strong one, your might
is nothing in the face of eternity.
Destiny is calling, my king.

Rise up.

Leave behind the crucible,
the dead remnant
of my resurrection.

My shroud
smothers death.
Having shed
my mortal skin

I rise.
I rise.
I rise.

Osiris, my love,
eternal burning,
living one,
leave behind
the shards
of our chrysalis,
scatter your light
to the four edges of the horizon.


Arise, beloved, winged thing.
Fear not.
Hell could not hold me.
Death has lost its sting.
I have paved the way for life.

Amor Vincit Omnia.

Rise up,
and follow me.

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