Screaming at the Stars

Gender, the canon, and the novel. Daniel Wallace raises some interesting questions about authorship in his recent post over at The Incompetent Writer. What do you think?

The Incompetent Writer

On her blog, the writer Brenna Layne recently posted a series of quotations from famous male authors disparaging female ones, illustrating the struggle for respect that even canonical female authors face: Yes, All Women (Writers)

Some of these quotes seem simply sad and stupid, while others others have a kind of appalling comedy, funny for the blinkered male mind they reveal.

This comment, for instance, by Nabokov, doesn’t make me admire Nabokov more:

I dislike Jane [Austen], and am prejudiced, in fact, against all women writers. They are in another class.

Brenna’s list concludes with the absurd perspective of Canadian writer David Gilmour, who became briefly well known when he explained in an interview that he only teaches “serious hetrosexual guys” in his college classes, those novelists who best chronicle middle-aged male angst and sexual frustration.

I always feel bewildered by comments such as these.

Perhaps there are fields, like…

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