What is the Hands On Literary Festival?

Daniel Wallace has done a write up about conferences in general, and our own Hands On Literary Festival & Masquerade Ball here. Check it out!

The Incompetent Writer

Hello everyone,

I’m still getting back to normal after the Hands On literary festival and masked ball in New Orleans–an amazing time.

The Hands On Festival is a four-day writing conference, now in its second year, which my wife and I run with the help of friends and the remarkable New Orleans writing community. At this moment, we’re back in Knoxville, trying to relax and rewind, excited about starting the planning for the next festival, scheduled for the last few days of 2015.


My role in the festival is largely technical: I do the design work for the posters and brochures, write a lot of the promotional text, troubleshoot the website and so on. The heart of the festival–and all the really hard planning and administration–comes from Jeni. She has a genius for this kind of thing. The festival is her vision, and it’s a remarkable experience, these last two years, to watch…

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