Magdalene’s Last Prayer by Tawni Waters

On the day
the trumpet whispers my name
I will return to that golden place
I still remember
even after all the years
I’ve wandered
the sullied streets
of this dream.

Angels will whisper

Welcome home

wing their way to me
and sing

Daughter of Light, what did you see?

My King, I will not speak
of seven wonders
though my eyes saw them all.
I will say only this.

I saw the Son of God.

They will ask me of pain,
and I will say,

None of that remains.
It was in Love’s sacred name that I took the stones.
When my blood
stained the sand
I thought of His hand.
Smiling, I whispered His songs to the stars
as they winked me to sleep.

I suffered the torments of Satan’s spawn
who long ago sold their sacred souls
for fool’s gold,
but I gave all
for Love.
I do not fear death.
Already heaven has opened
her gates wide.
The light in my eyes
touches her
as I tread this mortal plain.

As I grow old.
a map of wonder
my skin
like dawn
the face of the sky.
Heaven’s Queen has saved
the tears I cry
in a bottle, saying,

These are seeds of love.

One day, they will fall
like rain
wash this blue-green dream

There will be sorrow no more.

My love,
Son of God
Son of Man
whose sacred lips
kissed my third eye open,
know this:
Though we pass through hell,
I will hold your hand.
Through cannon fire,
I will stand at your feet.
If the price I must pay
to stay by you
is my breath
I will give it.

It is my honor
to live
to die

for you.

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