Syzygy by Elizabeth Ayres


The      complex geometry of living the      unforeseen consequence
of light: the      branch you so admire for its delicate beauty –

               oval leaves pirouetting on a slender stage of stem – it’s

just a shadow      cast by the full moon      shining      behind a branch

and you wonder why it makes you so happy, this
thing that isn’t the thing you thought it to be this
sudden apotheosis      of expectation this


syzygy. From the Greek σύζυγος meaning ‘yoked together.’ A
conjunction or opposition, a      pair of corresponding things. In

poetry, two metrical feet combined into one unit. In

          astronomy, a straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies, e.g.,
          earth, sun and moon. In

              the writings of Carl Jung, the union of opposites within the soul, e.g.,
              yours       on its slender stage      of time, if


you are the one these words are seeking
                   as moonlight seeks the lonely branch.

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