Complex Numbers by Eva Langston

We create equations for new snuggles:
Combinations of arms and legs at varying degrees.
Puzzle-piece body parts like tessellations,
The geometry of clouds and coastlines and trees.

In the night he assumes position fifty-two;
I comply with corresponding coordinates.
We move in this dreamy game of Twister:
right hand to left thigh, left arm across tits.

In the morning we have trouble communicating.
He speaks BASIC, and I binary code.
He waits for commands, his cursor blinking,
But what I want from him, I don’t quite know.

One night he wakes from a dream and says:
“I solved our problems with a simple matrix!”
He multiplied, found the determinant, solved.
And with logic our relationship was fixed.

It was only a dream, of course, in real life
Our matrices are much more complex.
With infinite solutions, or none at all.
Math describes everything but love and sex.

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