Writing Prompt Friday! New Year, New You Edition

This bronze head depicting the Roman god Janus stands on a sandstone column at Pewterspear, Appleton to the south of Warrington. It was commissioned by the Commission for New Towns (Pewterspear is part of new town developments around Warrington) and was pruduced by Phil Bews and Diane Gorvin. It lies on the old Roman road running south from Warrington. SJ61878342. © Copyright Keith Williamson and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Greetings all!  Today’s writing prompt invites you to imagine a New Year’s gone wrong. What went wrong – job loss, breakup, arrest, car impound, champagne went flat?  What happens after?  How does your character clean up the mess New Year’s created?  Was it a rock bottom moment or simply an oh f**k moment?  What changes or what doesn’t change?  Describe the New Year’s scenes in detail, and then focus on the change.  The pivotal moment.

Remember, Janus was the double headed god who faced two different directions simultaneously.  Use that as inspiration for your piece.  Maybe you find New Year’s annoying, but I appreciate the moment to pause for reflection.  Where have we been, where are we going?  What do we want that we aren’t getting currently?  What needs to change, what can stay the same?  Aim for a thousand words!  Why not?  New year, new writing schedule right?


Best of luck, and Happy New Year all!

Jeni Wallace