The Dunning Man by Kevin Fortuna

DunningManCoverGreetings all!  We post reviews here as often as we can.  Honestly, reviewers are hard to find!  So if you’re interested in reviewing for us, please do drop us a line.


Today, though, we’re linking to a fabulous review in Esquire (that’s right folks, the big time) of Burlesque Press friend Kevin Fortuna’s new book The Dunning Man, from Lavender Ink.  The book is a collection of short stories, about which reviewer John Kenney says “Breaking from the current custom of studious remove and mannered characters in airless settings, the stories in The Dunning Man pulse with life, and the men and women who figure in them are real people, regular people, working people. People like you and me.”  I would add that it’s an exhilarating read about pushing boundaries, consequences, and life on the edge.  And since it’s a short story collection, it’s a great one to keep by your bed and read a story a night from.  We wholeheartedly recommend this read.


Now, if you’re a regular reader of Burlesque Press you know that in the past we have encouraged people to buy books for holiday gifts, and to support local, independent bookstores as well.  This year, we really hope that you’ll consider buying The Dunning Man, and/or giving it as one of your holiday gifts.  Not only do we think its a great book about people who, as reviewer Kenney says, “all fuck up, in one way or another, in ways you recognize very well,” but its also a way to support a new emerging literary voice, support an independent publisher, and also to support Burlesque Press, because, hey, frankly, we’re all in it together.  Buy it today, from Amazon, or ask your local indie store to order it from Lavender Ink.  We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

And stay tuned in December for a wrap up of the 2014 Reading Challenge!