The Meaning of Life, As Transcribed to a Drunk Girl in the Back of an SUV, Overlooking Mountains Tangled in Mist by Tawni Vee Waters

” Don’t forget the wonder.”

You told yourself this
before you came into this place, squalling and red.
“No matter what
the other humans do,
you need never stop seeing
the miracle
of moss on trees.”

For a moment,
this memory assails me,
buried in a slant of sunlight
between pines.  Looking
down, I watch a blue bruise blooming, a blood blossom
climbing the branch
of my thigh,
and I think
my leg is
the greatest miracle
I have ever known.

“There is a fine line
screaming and singing,”
I told me.

The space between
dark and light whispers,
slouching under
the unbearable weight

of the wind.

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