Come See Burlesque Press at AWP Seattle 2014 by Jeni Stewart

Greetings everyone!  We are again headed to the AWP Conference, held this year in Seattle.  We’ll be at the book fair, and our table is table I1.  We’ll be selling t-shirts, tote bags, and talking about all the exciting projects coming up for Burlesque Press, including our upcoming writing retreat to Krakow, Poland.  We’ll also be announcing the 2015 location/s at AWP, so do stop by and say hi and find out where we’re going to strip away writer’s block in 2015!

AWPSeattleInviteWe’ve also decided that AWP just needs more fun, and so we’ve partnered with some awesome lit mags – The Normal School, The Pinch, Brevity, and Sonora Review.  We’re going to be having a reading at The Pine Box Bar on Friday February 28, 2014, followed by a reception.  We’ll have an open bar till our limited lit mag budgets run out – and everyone’s invited!  The reading, featuring readers from each organization, will be from 6-8, and the reception will be from 8-10.  Come see us, come hear us, come drink with us!

And if you can’t make it to Seattle, don’t worry.  We’re always happy to hear from you!  You can contact us here, or find us on Facebook and @1burlesquepress on Twitter.  Let’s get communal!