Going to AWP? Can’t decide what to see? Let us Make it Easy for You.

This was, you know, taken at one of the AWP's. We think the one in Austin. We think its best you not count how many years ago that was.

With over 9300 people registered for AWP this year and over 200 off site events actually listed (not counting those who will haunt panels and sneak in tot he book fair, or those who are too cool for listing in the AWP event guide) this year’s AWP in CHicago promises to be the biggest ever.  Each year for the past decade AWP has seemed impossibly bigger and harder to manage than the last year.  So that why we’re going to break a few pieces off for you.  Consider this your AWP 2.0!  I hope to see you at all or some of the events below.

And hey?  Got an event you’d like us to promote?  Email us at burlesque press.org@gmail.com!

This was not taken at AWP. However, we feel it about sums it all up.

All hook ups, make ups, and break ups will be up to the sole discretion of the reader.  We neither promote nor discourage such behavior.  However, should you engage in such behavior, we’d love you to tell us about it.  Use the hashtag #AWPgivesyou herpes.


The Burlesque Team

Oh yeah – and see you there.  We’ll be hanging out at the Doe Branch Ink Table.  We’ll be lonely.  Come see us! And bring booze?  We like booze.

AWP in Chicago (again)!
Wednesday, UNO Press Reading Third Coast Cafe, 1260 North Dearborn, Chicago, IL 6 pm to 9 pm: featuring Rob Smith, Bill Lavender, Cailtin Scholl, and Ray Bianchi
Thursday, 6 pm, Florida English Reading with Jeff Grieneisen,Jeni Stewart, Brian Dickson, Jesse Millner, Kirk Nesset, Heather Schmidt
 The first 15 to arrive will receive a free drink (see Courtney Ruffner Grieneisen for your drink ticket)!  At Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery – Downtown Chicago

And hey friends – let’s meet beforehand at the pub for drinks!  Say, 5 pm?
Friday afternoon at 3:30pm – Come by the DOE BRANCH INK table in the book fair for some wine and snacks and meet some writers, some Doe Branchers past and present, meet up with each other, and generally get your AWP groove on!  Table 820. 
And when thats done, we’ll all head to:
Friday at 6 pm to 9 pm: Reading/Reception with UNO’s MFA Programs, UNO Press, and Bayou Magazine Mac’s American Pub 1801 W. Division St, Chicago, IL 60622Sign up to read for 5 to 10 minutes–depending on how many sign up–and let folks at AWP see why we have the best writing program on the planet!
Friday, 9 pm – THE AWP party to look forward to – The Normal School/The Pinch Party!!!  Its at the Elephant and Castle Pub at 9 pm.  Be there, or be, you know, left out.  
And finally, Friday, 10 pm to 1 am: The Best AWP Reading & After-Party EVER! (Jagged Door & Gold Line Press)
Jagged Door Press and Gold Line Press cordially invite you to the best off-site reading and after party that AWP has to offer! Music, comedy, cocktails, and finger food will warm up the crowd for the poetry and fiction, and will keep everyone going for the after-party that follows…..

The evening will kick off with readings by:

G.M. Palmer (Jagged Door Press)
Kelli Anne Noftle (Omnidawn Press)
Jessica Piazza (Red Hen Press)

…followed by the Gold Line Press line-up:

Bradley Harrison Smith
Kyle WInkler
Jay Shearer (winner of the 2011 Gold Line Press Chapbook Contest)

You will eat, you will drink, you might even dance. Your mind will be blown, is what we’re trying to say.

LOCATION: Due to the sheer magic of the space, the event is all secretive and excusive-like, so please RSVP for location and directions via FB message to G.M. Palmer (host) or via email at awpsbestreading@gmail.com.