Weakness by Mitchell Grabois

One day Eppa insisted that I lift and carry her

but she was heavier than she looked

heavy-boned and full of muscle

like tightly packed pastrami

from her father’s deli


and I was weak

which I excused by claiming to be a Jean-Paul Sartre style


even though I had dropped out of college


Sartre himself was probably stronger

Wasn’t he in the Resistance

in the same cell as that woman

who became famous for killing a Nazi with her bare hands?

Eppa could have done that

She had the chutzpah

and contempt

that she painted with a broad brush

over society

but she would have been particularly contemptuous

of a Nazi


Anyway, I hoisted her up

my knees buckled

and we toppled to the floor

Giggling, she wrapped her legs around my middle

and squeezed until I was gasping for breath and begging for mercy

Would you describe this as high maintenance?


Still, I liked her

a lot

and she provided job security

as her dad was my boss


Even though he despised me and

thought I was a lousy worker

he didn’t want to get his beloved daughter’s nose

out of joint 


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