Invitation to Holy Communion by Tawni Vee Waters

In the blue light of morning
I rise
before my eyes open
into the warmth of your soul’s open
mouth. I lie curled on your tongue
listening to your secrets.

In the violet twilight
I fall
before my eyes close
into the stillness of your
song’s heart.
I find you at the core
of every dream I dream.

When I try to pry
this love free from breath
it defies me
reproving definition.
I know only this.

You live in the space
between my breath and God.
When the fog of words
clears leaving only silence
you throb
in the stillness between heartbeats.

I do not want to own you.
What I want is to kiss that dent
in your throat, love you
for one moment only
and the next and the next

if it is given to me
press my skin against yours
breathe you in
make you close your eyes
and see
how perfect you are.

Heaven is you.
I cannot pin you down
but only hold you gently
in the space between breaths
marrying my truth
to the silence
of your sacred.

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