Isis Declares War by Tawni Vee Waters

Hideous jackal prince,
betraying brother, slayer of souls,
devourer of worlds, pitiful pretender
to my husband’s holy throne
know this.
I am coming for you.

I come not in my own might

for I own no might.
I come without armor.
Armor is too heavy for me
I come without an army.
My army has been swallowed,
drowned in the bowels of your roiling sea.

See this hand.  It is empty

save this spot here
where Osiris touched me once.
It burns still with his warmth
has sustained me through years of wandering
will grow to become the flame that consumes you.
What I hold in my palm is my heaven
and your hell.  It is that same fire
you quiver to see in his eyes.
When I slept in the leviathan’s belly
I dreamed it, and it kept me alive.

I come to you not in my own name.

I come in the name of my holy mother Nut
who weeps endlessly for her stolen son.
I come in the name of my sacred father Ra
the genesis of the Rising Sun.
I come to you in the name of a love
too pure for you to understand.
I come to you in the name of the fire
in my hand, the let there be that created galaxies,
the gravity that holds atoms together.

You are a schemer, but what use are schemes

against visions and dreams?  Can your gem studded sabers
bring down invisible angels?  You are a liar, but what good
are lies in the face of the radiant nakedness of my truth?
You own an empire, and I own only this
speck of love.  Within it sleeps a universe.
The power to bring the dawn
lives in my lips.
I open them now.
A waterfall of light
cascades from my mouth.

Set, I am coming for you.

I will incinerate your vile coffin,
let my holy husband out,
leave you buried in its ashes
choking on the embers of
your treason.  When you sleep tonight,
dream this fire, and scream, hot and howling
in your unholy bed.

the warrior queen
is coming for you.

Brother mine,
your time
is short.

Jackal faced,
dead-eyed trickster,
I won’t leave here without my love.

Lord of nothing but flies, how dare you lay your vile hands on him?