Rabboni by Tawni Vee Waters


you were the thing to sting me,
a thousand bees in one body,
and every time
you came to me,
you bit.

One glance

from you stripped me bare,
left me smoldering naked
in the unrelenting glare
of a thousand suns.

You peeled me

like an onion
until there was
nothing left but
a skeleton of truth.

I am yours

the way night belongs to sky,
the way life belongs to die,
the way bird belongs to fly.

I am yours

the way tide belongs to sea,
the way trunk belongs to tree,
the way you belong to me.

I am yours

And so the one became two,
and the two was me and you,
and we walked this world wanting


When I take you to my bed, it will be this way:
As I peel your clothes away,
my lips will stay just long enough
to know every part of you.

My teacher

I will swim
that dent in your throat,
that moat between me and God,

with my tongue.

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