Get Writing! Your Friday Writing Prompt by Jeni Stewart

Hi all! So we’re continuing our Friday creative writing prompt series.  We don’t want to limit it to just this prompt though, so if you have ideas or prompts of your own, please feel free to share them on our Facebook page, or tweet them to @1burlesquepress.  We want all of you creative people out there to get writing, and hey, if you like what you write, submit it to us ok? We’d love to be able to publish some of these!
Today’s Prompt: Scan your local library (or your Amazon suggestions, or your waiting-to-be-read shelf) for interesting titles.  Pick one and use it as the impetus for a story or poem.  Make it YOUR title. Example:  I have not yet read YA author Anne Bishop’s Murder of Crows.  So I could take that title and write a story or poem from it.  The goal is not to write a story that is similar to the book in question – because remember, you haven’t read it!  The gola is just tot find a title that inspires you, and get writing!


Have fun, and Happy Spring Thing you Celebrate Weekend!


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