Writing Prompt Friday! Halloween Edition

Greetings all and Happy Samhain!

I hope you are all having a lovely, calorific Halloween.  Maybe you’re all costumes and candy this weekend and will have no time for writing.  But just in case you’re inspired by the season, we wanted to offer a ghost writing prompt.  Because ghosts can be fun, they can be scary, they can be sad, or inspiring.  If you were to tell a ghost story (and you are!) what would the rules of the ghost world be?  Can they contact the living in any way?  How do houses get haunted?  Can ghosts move living objects?  What do ghosts want?  Next create a character in this ghost world.  Describe your character.  Male or female?  Or does that even matter in this world?  What was your character’s life like?  WHEN was your character’s life?  Does the ghost world change over time, or do these rules even apply?  What is dangerous in this world?

Write a scene or a poem in which these questions are explored.  And, as always, feel free to send us your work!


Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!