Get Writing! Your Friday Writing Prompt


Hello all!  So here is our last April writing prompt.  But don’t worry – these seem to be popular so we’ve decided to make Fridays all about writing.  They won’t all be writing prompts, but Fridays will all be writing focused.  So check back each week for more writing ideas, writing support, or news!


Today’s Prompt:  Pick a character from history.  Any time frame.  Write a scene in which that character has a conversation with either your mother or father.  Make it a minimum of ten lines, but feel free to go on as needed  Don’t worry about language barriers – imagine they are magically speaking the same language.  Focus on the characters, the diction, the dialect.  And most importantly – have fun!


And remember, if something you like develops out of one of our prompts, send it to us!


And just for reminders, here are this past month’s prompts:


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Happy Writing all!


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