The Class I Wish I Had Taken During My MFA

Daniel Wallace will be teaching a Master Class at this year’s Hands On Literary Festival & Masquerade Ball. Check out more about it in this first of two blog posts. And sign up to take the class this New Year’s!

The Incompetent Writer

At the upcoming Hands On Literary Festival in New Orleans, I’m going to be teaching a class on novel-writing, “The Class I Wish I Had Taken During My MFA.”

As the title of the class is a bit odd, and the premise a bit unusual, I thought I would explain it here, and answer any questions readers have.

1. The Difficulty with Teaching People How to Write Novels Rutgers MFA

The more time that passes since my MFA, the more I realise how lucky I was. My colleagues were talented, my financial funding was generous, and my teachers were exceptional.

I studied fiction with Lisa Zeidner, Lauren Grodstein, and Adam Mansbach, and not only were they remarkably well-read and insightful, they continually maintained a high demand for quality work. That a story could be “better” or “worse” than the one you had previously written was just an assumed part of the feedback process…

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