The Class I Wish I Had Taken During My MFA (part two)

And here’s part two of Daniel’s Master Class description. Or should we call it a manifesto? 🙂

The Incompetent Writer

At the upcoming Hands On Literary Festival in New Orleans, I’m going to be teaching a class on novel-writing, “The Class I Wish I Had Taken During My MFA.”

Last week, I wrote a post introducing the premise of the class, describing my own experiences trying to write a novel during my MFA. For most of my degree, although I believed I was writing a novel, I was instead writing what I now think of as “novel-shaped-fiction.”

In that post, I claimed:

As a category, “novel-shaped-fiction” is superficially similar to “a novel.” From a distance, they look the same. Novel-shaped-fiction has the same characters and dialogue and settings and chapters that a novel has. The only problem with novel-shaped-fiction is that, generally speaking, no one wants to read it.

In other words: although sharing work is essential, before aspiring writers start handing in pages for feedback, they should, as a group, discuss and work…

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