WHAT MARY KNOWS by Tawni Waters

I can tell you what it feels like to wake up in the night caressed by whispers that come true the next day.  I can tell you my dreams are the only thing I trust because they show me what you will do two months from now, down to the dress you will be wearing.  I can tell you how it is when your body becomes a vessel of pure love.  The Creator himself pines for you.  Every fibre of your DNA cries out for connection to all things, and gets it.

I can tell you what it means to be fully human.

I can tell you the molecules of All conspire to bring your thoughts to the realm of the seen, only you don’t know you are the architects, so you remain bound in the chains of your dreams, wondering what possesses you.  I can tell you that up close, Jesus is even more beautiful than he looks in pictures, but not in the same way.  I can tell you how it feels to be a holy thing walking among men, straddling the line between this world and the next because I must stay here long enough to see this miracle through to its shining end.

I can teach you the tongue of the cactus.  I can tell you his voice isn’t as raspy as you might expect, and when trees talk to you, they speak the language of light.  I can tell you that almost always, angels make better friends than humans, and you can call God up from the air around you if you know how, because She spins in the space between electrons.

I can tell you what it feels like to be a sacred thing labeled blasphemy.

I can tell you that heresy lives only in bloodshed.

I can tell you that when you are being crucified, nails are not the sharpest things.

I can tell you that rodents know how to live better than you, but you are learning.

I can tell you that whatever you believe about stars, they are guides in the night sky, leading you to truth, and that if you look at the moon long enough, she will open her one wide eye and suck you into God.