Don’t Miss Out! Last Day for the Hands On Literary Festival in New Orleans!

Do like the man said and propose a reading today! And also register. It’s your last chance to lock in our best rates!

The Incompetent Writer

Dear readers: today is the last official day to propose a reading, panel, or paper presentation at the Hands On Festival, in New Orleans, over New Year’s Eve.

After today, the schedule will be initially penciled in, and then chiseled in stone, and while late proposals will be considered, there’s no guarantee that space will still be available.

Or, instead, something awkward might occur, like your reading of extreme-formalist poetry being added to a session entirely made up of naively-historicist flash-memoir.

Ugh! I get chills just thinking about it.

Plus, today is the last day for the early bird discount.

The festival takes place from the 28th of December until after midnight on December 31st, New Year’s Eve. Mark Twain says that no American can understand the United States until she has been to New Orleans. Although not American, I agree with that claim. Plus the festival itself is great fun and an…

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