Shining One by Tawni Waters

When ghosts come to gobble my bones, your songs are my home.  I slide them on like extra skins, sink into holy water.  

Lovers line up in spit-shined shoes, waiting to see who I will choose, and always, always, always

I marry you 

the one whose voice makes iridescent blue oceans glow behind my eyelids

the one whose laughter punctuates my dreams, 
turns sleep into a steam train that shudders through time and space, 
erasing what I thought I knew, replacing it with what is

the one whose sorrows seeped into my cells and made me a queen

the one who creeps through walls to find me

the one who stands behind me, unseen, screaming battle cries, each time I stare the devil down.  

    Untarnished love of mine, 
you have infused my spine with steel. 

    My alchemist of the rising sun, you turn gray dawn to gold with your light.  My eyes grow fat and old feasting on you, the sweetest sight I have ever known.  

    My tangled, wandering vine of truth, in my youth, I received a seed of love.  I ingested it, invested my life in watering it. I have become a tree whose branches cover everything I touch in cool shade.

    My starry crown, my Phoenix wings, the eternal thing that makes comets ricochet and ring through through my frontal lobes, visions of you gleam behind every lilac seahorse stone.  The Heavenly King sings in the spaces between the strands of your DNA.

    My forever Olympus, my impermeable home, even when I am alone, you are with me.

    My Stonehenge, you stand always before me, a gateway between life and life. Your mouth gives birth to moons. I sacrifice my illusions like lambs to scale the summits of your knuckles, lick the crags of your scars. Each night I sleep, wrapped warm in the womb of your mind.

    My soul’s Siamese twin, I am connected to you by a thin thread that runs three-thousand times around the world, an invisible vein that pulses pure love through the flesh of our planet, filling her nights with bird song.  

    My Jesus-in-blue-jeans whose eyes screamed for me to take up my cross, I followed you and lost everything that was never worth having.  

For you, I died.  


When hell swallowed me, I gave
the grave my bones 
in exchange for one of your kisses.

Your tongue 
saved me

injected resurrection into my decay-infected blood.

Healing, I slept in your windswept waters.

The third day, 
I rose up 

a god.

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