Interview with NaNoWriMo Author: Dawn Leslie Lenz

Burlesque Press Contributor Eva Langston interviews Dawn Leslie Lenz about NaNoWriMo, & her writing process. Check it out!

In the Garden of Eva

Nanowrimo, the National Novel-Writing Month, is nearing an end, and as a final boost of inspiration I interviewed a Nanowrimo writer I know, the lovely and talented Dawn Leslie Lenz.

Dawn is a fiction author and MFA graduate from the University of New Orleans. She is active in the St. Louis literary community, and a member of the International Thriller Writers, The Missouri Writers’ Guild, and the (Un)Stable Writers Group. She is also an entrepreneur, designer and marketing executive at Eos Creative and founder of Mystic Salon, a community organization set to launch Mystic Illuminations, a new online literary journal in February 2015. You can purchase an ebook copy of Dawn’s short story, “The Zepher of the Ashes,” from Untreed Reads.

Why did you decide to do NaNoWriMo last year?

Because my friend, Autumn Rinaldi, asked me to, as a writing buddy support system…

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