Interview with Daniel Wallace, Editor of Siren Song by Tawni Waters

In the Garden of Eva

Recently my friend Daniel Wallace edited a collection of poetry called Siren Song. It was the very first book released by Burlesque Press (the brainchild of Daniel’s amazing wife, Jeni Wallace), and the poems happen to have been written by my friend, Tawni Waters.

Not only is Tawni a poet, she’s also won awards for her travel writing, recently published a breakout YA novel, Beauty of the Broken, with Simon and Schuster, written and starred in plays… the list goes on. Here’s what Daniel (who writes the blog The Incompetent Writer) has to say about working with Tawni and editing her book. (P.S. Daniel’s a Brit, so I’ve left in his wonky British spelling.)

Buy Siren Song here.

Daniel, tell me about Tawni Waters.

Tawni’s talent would be exasperating if I didn’t know how seriously she takes her craft, how dedicated she is to art…

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