El Triunfo de La Vida by Tawni Vee Waters

Wearing a pearlescent veil
woven from moonlight
and the prayers of the dying,
she sat down at the chess board,
invited the devil
to play.  He swaggered over
sneering, staring at the valley
between her breasts.

Smiling sweetly, she bided her time.
“I’m just a girl.  Don’t mind me,”
she whispered.  A cat toying
with her food,
she sacrificed pawns,
letting him believe
he stood a chance.

Seasons changed.
Lightning flashed.
Prismed light
shot from her hands,
upending the game.

She lifted her veil,

and her brilliant mane
spilled forth.
The lioness roared.

Satan screamed

and shriveled.
Church bells rang.
Children sang.
Chains snapped.
Thunder clapped.
The streams of death
ran dry

the day

The Lady
with stars in her hair

stood up.