Get Writing: A Friday Writing Prompt! by Jeni Stewart

MonarchonFlowerHi all!  So we’ve decided to dedicate Fridays to talking about writing and craft.  And, because they were so popular last month, writing prompts!  Today brings you a writing prompt, but we want to make sure you’re not missing out on anything in the writing world.

Check out Burlesque Press contributor Amy Wright’s interview with Lee Gutkind, the “godfather of creative nonfiction” on the Brevity Blog.  Creative Nonfiction is celebrating 20 years this year, and they’re hosting a conference May 23-25.  Check it out here, and if you’re coming to Pittsburgh, let us know!

Over at The Incompetent Writer Burlesque Press Contributor Daniel Wallace wonders where all the readers are.  “Therefore: even if literary magazines are publishing an odd kind of fiction that only people who do MFA programs really like, or if (alternatively) they are publishing brilliant fiction that everyone likes, but simply lack the marketing budget to reach the general reader, there should still be loads and loads of MFA-trained reader-writers eager to subscribe and read.

Yet, if Joe’s guesstimate is right, most literary journals struggle to find a decent readership. Why?”

Why indeed?  Perhaps they don’t know about our Burlesque Press Reading Challenge!

And finally:

Today’s Prompt:  Set a scene, story, or poem in a ghost town.  Try to use at least three cliches (cold as ice, dead as a doornail, cute as a bug, etc) in your piece.  And when you’re finished, if you like what you’ve written, send it our way!