Quantifying God by Tawni Vee Waters

I have searched
libraries for holy texts
read this one’s and this one’s and this one’s
definition of God.
The prohibitions and promises,
the histories and allegories.
I have scaled Mt. Siani.
I have stared out over the plain of Armageddon.
I have seen Jesus smile at me.
I have been pierced with a dagger
that flew at me from the devil’s eye.
I have seen miracles and magic
and yet
when it all became a dark cloud
of poisonous gas
that threatened to choke
me where I stood
I remembered that God
had to be good
because there was a you
in the world.
One wrinkle by your eye
taught me to die with dignity
to live by faith
more than a thousand verses of scripture.
Your hand
in mine was my Promised Land.
Your smile was my sacred.
So as the spells and incantations fall away,
as the creeds wither and die,
I remember the God I saw loving me
at the center of your eye,
and I still believe.
You are the inexplicable
calligraphy carved
onto a butterfly’s wing.
I cannot decipher it
but it tells me
that Love is.