Looking for some lit journal inspiration? Eva Langston has some ideas for you!

In the Garden of Eva

One way to find the inspiration to write is to give yourself regular writing assignments.  You can find plenty of prompts and exercises online, or you can consider submitting to literary journals that have themes, prompts, or particular aesthetics and guidelines.  Here are 18 journals that might inspire you to write something new.

LITERARY JOURNALS That Inspire You to Write

(Look at the websites for specific details.)

Avery Anthology – sometimes has theme issues

Black Lantern Publishing – macabre stories

Cafe Irreal –irreal and absurd

Dark Markets – list of magazines looking for sci-fi, mystery, horror, fantasy, and speculative fiction

Fairy Tale Review – a fairy tale themed journal; each issue has a particular theme

Fine Line – has theme issues

The First Line – gives the first line of a story as a prompt

Glimmertrain – has theme issues

Inch – write a memoir in exactly 700 words

Literary Juice 

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