Happy Year of the Black Water Snake! by Burlesque Press

Hello everyone and Happy Chinese New Year!  Today marks the beginning of the Year of the Black Water Snake, and ends the Year of the Water Dragon.  Don’t know what your Chinese Zodiac sign is?  Thats ok, you can figure it out here.  Why are we writing about this today?  Mostly to encourage you to think positively – fire signs are supposed to be lucky, and who doesn’t feel like they need a reboot of luck and optimism from time to time?  Plus, here at Burlesque Press, we’re fascinate with all things mystical.  So we thought we’d take a minute to say Happy Chinese New Year, and wish you a better start to the coming months whether you feel like things have been going well so far or not!


And don’t worry.  We know a certain chocolate and roses themed holiday is also approaching this week, as well as a certain bon temps and King Cake filled Mardi Gras Day.  We have fun stuff planned for both, so we hope to see you around Burlesque land this week and beyond as we slither into this water snake year!


All of Us at Burlesque Press

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